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What goes into a real turf laying service?

If you wondered about turfing contractors and If you want a nice lush lawn, in Milton Keynes there is nothing better than the instant enhancement your garden receives with the returfing of your grass. When it’s done by our professionals you will enjoy your lush lawn for years to come.

What’s included in our turfing service?:

Preliminary site clearance – First we clear out all the weeds, old turf, plants, debris, rocks, and stones. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to remove any hard surfaces, such as decking, pavers, and slabs.
Garden levelling service – Our next task is to make the ground as flat as possible, this may mean adding or removing soil, flattening any garden gradients you may have,
Adding topsoil – once levelled we start adding the topsoil, this well ensures the turf roots will take in your turfing garden.
Turf laying – Our garden turfing specialist then bring out the turf rolls, and align them expertly to ensure no gaps and a perfect lawn!
Lawn edging – It doesn’t end there once rolled out or turfing expert will then neatly edge all around the garden for a perfect finish allowing for all your new garden feature features – flower beds, rockeries, or patio.
Free expert advice – You will receive a free maintenance plan on when to water the lawn, how often to cut the grass, and so on!

Here At Easy Lay Landscaping, we offer a professional grass turf service below you can see our impressive portfolio of Turfing jobs from in and around the Buckinghamshire area including Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, and Buckingham. We also offer an artificial turf milton keynes service too. As well as our garden levelling service

As contracted landscapers and turfing professionals, we have completed many turf-laying jobs, often as part of a bigger project incorporating; Patios Pathways and Landscaping work already undertaken.

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Turfing Laying FAQ’S

Q: How much does turfing cost?

A: Well, all turfing projects differ due to various factors such as surface size, turf type and necessary topsoil volume. They will be taken into account when estimating the overall price of your project so the final cost will depend on those.

Q: How often should I water my newly laid turf?

A: This depends on the weather conditions and the type of turf you’ve had installed. We will discuss your watering plan with upon completion

Your questions answered

Q: When is the best time of the year to lay a new lawn?

A: When there is no frost and it’s not too wet outside, so the best time to do so is in autumn or late winter. you can schedule your professional turf laying service. Though there are other turfing options for the other seasons, giving the right conditions

Q: Does my garden need to be levelled before the service?

A: Not at all this is something we can take care of, though if you do want to level your own garden then please discuss with us first as this will alter the price you are given, and we can even give you some friendly advice too!

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