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We will send a patio layer surveyor to your property, with whom you can discuss your project details and consult. After that, you’ll receive a no-obligation quote with the cost of laying a patio. The paving projects and patio installation services include:

  • Ground clearance – The patio contractors will remove all debris, old pavers or slabs and vegetation after they’ve marked the designated area. If any soil excavation work is needed, it will take place during this stage. 
  • Site preparation – The site will be prepared by the local patio layers using professional levelling techniques. The base can be laid only if the soil is firm and compact.
  • Membrane installation – A weed control membrane is then laid to prevent weeds from coming through in between the slabs.
  • Subbase installation – our patio builder will add a layer of MOT base laid on top of the fabric and compacted to ensure that the surface is absolutely even.
  • Paving Laying patio slabs or laying paving blocks, the paving experts will neatly lay the slabs on the completely levelled sub-base. After the necessary drying time has passed, the landscapers will wash the paved area and prepare it for points. Once, this job is done, you can enjoy your new patio or driveway.

Our patio fitters‘ passion for paving inspires us to create beautiful patios, centrepieces and outstanding features to enhance and complement any garden. A patio is often seen as an extension of your living space so it’s imperative that the design, colour and type of product used reflect the style of your home and your personality, attention to detail in the design stages is key to producing the very best work.

When it comes to it you can trust us when it comes to laying a patio our patio services Milton keynes are unrivalled

Paver installation can be transformed and complemented by adding many different characters like creating Steps up and down to different levels or using small Paths to access different areas, incorporating areas using Shingle or Coloured stone Chippings or installing Planters created by Brick and Block or Wooden Sleepers by our patio fitters can really create colour beauty and flare.

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Patio Laying FAQ’S

Q: What type of paving materials do you use?
A: our patio contractors work with a wide range of high-quality paving slabs that you can choose from, including various types of natural stone – Indian sandstone, limestone, bluestone, granite, etc. You can also order block pavers for your project, which resemble concrete paving bricks that come in various sizes and colours as well.
Q: What are your maintenance tips for my newly installed paved surface?
A: laying a small patio or large patio requires regular cleaning a couple of times per year. Hard surfaces can be easily maintained with some pressure washing. This helps to efficiently remove mud, mould, algae and other built-up dirt off your outdoor surfaces.

Your questions answered

Q: How much does it cost to install a patio?
A: Your project price is based on several factors that our driveway and patio contractors take into consideration, such as materials cost, the workload involved and the size of the area that needs paving.
Q: Do I have to apply for planning permission prior to the paving service?

A: No, that’s not necessary. The paving materials are completely permeable and therefore, can be laid without planning permission. In cases when impermeable slabs are used for your paved area, another permeable surface, such as a lawn, will be used to direct the water to for proper drainage.

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